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AZ on Democratic Road to Oligarchic Tyranny Created:18-May-2022

A Sentinel for LIBERTY!

In Our LIBERTY under God!

Proclaiming LIBERTY for All!!!


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The "Democratic" Road to Oligarchic Tyranny

Playing "The Globalist Game"

With America & the World!


May, 2022

The Big Picture:

Evil stalks the World, warring against Justice & Righteousness; wielding face diapers, frankenshots and CV passports, threats of nuclear war, seeking to instill fear, control, and strike-down the Populace; tearing-down the world economy to the depths of a neo-feudalistic technocracy [". . . the rural towns should be given more representation so as to protect the Commonwealth against the 'commercial feudalism' of the big cities." [See the red highlighting.]]; mesmerizing the Ignorant and the Complicit, in darkness and false light, with


In God, there is NO Darkness, at all!

This Torchlight Tour of the Election Matrix, Redisricting Mind-Game, is intended to shine the Light of Truth on the state of Arizona's Political House:

Why we are in a man-made quagmire designed to destroy Our Liberty under God!

Knowledge, unleashed, spreads with alacrity from open mind to open mind! seeking those ready to light Mental, Town Crier Torches to set the Human Forest ablaze with a controlled-burn, to save our Political House from evil!

"All things work together for good to those who love God, and are the called to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Our LIBERTY under God begins in our own Backyard!

. . .


Every ten years, Arizona joins her sister-States to comply with the U.S. Constitution's mandate to apply the results of the Decennial Census to reapportioning our representation in the U.S. House of Representatives. The task could be relatively simple, if it were truly done according to the Constitutional mandate. Art.I.Sec.2.Cl.3

The relevant, intended effect of the Census is to adapt Congressional representation allottments to population fluctuations and growth over ten-year periods.

This should be an Easy Task! But, the process is called, Redistricting as a psychological trigger to induce unquestioning acquiescence to an unconstitutional concept imposed upon the States! And it is not Easy, because related federal usurpations claiming authority from false interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment, expanded it to also control legislative apportionment within the States!

Hence, the process has caused disruption and chaos in Arizona and the other States for 60 years! Multiple attempts to eliminate the chaos have been made by compliance with Judicial Decrees and Congressional Acts, to no avail!

The process is only causing Arizona increasing disruption and chaos every ten years.

Because, a combination of the SCOTUS decisions begun with Baker v. Carr, the resultant Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) [Scroll to the image, click the link, scroll to "Transcript"], and the Court's arbitrary and capricious application of tape measures conjured from whole cloth, has usurped power and forged invisible chains on the States, to artificially control the election of our state legislators and congressional Representatives.

In 2000, after repeated disruptions of the redistricting process, Arizonans were hoodwinked and fooled into passing Prop 106, amending the State Constitution to add requirements that violate multiple clauses of the U.S. Constitution, including Art.IV.Sec.4, guaranteeing to Every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government [these violations will be addressed elsewhere]. Among these was creation of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission AIRC [more will also be said later, about this Commission].

One Arizona court case, litigated after the 2010 Redistricting Cycle, challenged the new districts drawn by the Commission. The Plaintiff Citizens' legal Argument, while challenging the obvious partisan results, bought-into the false Fourteenth Amendment parameters decreed by SCOTUS. The argument didn't have a chance. It was rejected by SCOTUS based-on the Court's own, unchallenged, fraudulent interpretations of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. [This is the base creation of the One Man, One Vote/equal population district fabrication; see multiple treatments of the question on this site; historical arguments can be found in Berger's Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Berger Excerpts Page, and other Case links at "Redistricting: OVERVIEW," "Redistricting: One Man, One Vote," and "Home."] So, the citizens unsuccessfully attempted to fight the unjust, arbitrary and capricious actions of the Commission, in the SCOTUS, Court of Philosopher-Kings, drunk on their own unchecked tyrannical successes. For analysis and details of this case, see Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, or click the link in the Side Menu.

And, now, 2022 is especially chaotic!


The Feds' Responsibility:

  • • Scrap all other "census data" currently collected unconstitutionally, slashing the process time for the feds AND THE STATES, and tax dollars expended!
  • • Count the population of each State.
  • • Calculate the total number of representatives allotted per State.

This process is the federal Government's ONLY purview relative to the States' House representation allottment!

The States' Responsibility:

  • • Adhere to Voter Qualifications set-forth in the State Constitution, in compliance with the legitimate jurisdiction of the U.S Constitution and its Amendments. [Follow the link for details on "who" determines Voter Qualifications and voting procedures. HINT: It is NOT the Judiciary, nor any other part of the federal Government!]

Decide how to select our representatives; some possible methods:

  • • Vote by Statewide-Qualified Voters for all representatives, or,
  • • Vote by Qualified Voters in grid-based, geographically drawn Congressional Districts, based-on population, but not special interest groups, or,
  • • Vote by Qualified Voters in Congressional Districts drawn according to minority race, ethnicity, and/or language, etc, as decreed by SCOTUS; codified by Congress and the Executive, to assure two-party competition, and favoring other "special interests." This is the unconstitutional process that's been imposed upon us over the past 60 years!

State Legislative Districts

States have also been coerced by SCOTUS rulings and Congressional Acts to use the last method, above, to draw Legislative Districts to satisfy the activist agenda aimed at perverting our political system to effect the transformation of our Constitutional, Representative Republic to the statist/collectivist goals of the Oligarchic Tyranny running our Nation for the past century. [Follow the link to TOOLS, Definition #2, to read the definitions of these terms.]

Please visit the Pages on this site for in-depth treatment of multiple aspects of the Redistricting Fiasco!

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. . .

LIBERTY is a State of Being!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!