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KEEP THE REPUBLIC Created:25-Feb-2022

A Sentinel for LIBERTY!

In Our LIBERTY under God!

Proclaiming LIBERTY for All!!!


~ ~ ~


This Web-site is a forum for examining various ways in which we in Arizona, are experiencing the effects of allowing our public servants to shackle our inherent God-given Rights, and steal-away our guaranteed Freedom to exercise Liberty responsibly, in Self-Governance!

First, it is necessary to examine our roots in Our Liberty under God, as One Nation under God!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all."

As Our Liberty under God is under relentless assault on many fronts, We The People are awaking to the hard truth:

Those we have trusted to serve us are deliberately usurping powers not delegated to them by We, the People through the Constitution, on the national level; eroding the protections built-into the fiber of our Republic.

The States are following the federal Government as it leads us down a path to destruction of the "Republican Form of Government" guaranteed to the Citizens of each State by the Constitution: Article IV, Section 4:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion . . ."

Losing Our God-given Individual Liberty,
and Our Freedom to Exercise It

One Liberty-shackling, malicious, false propaganda used to confuse and fool Americans about the true nature of our Self-Governance is the successful indoctrination of generations of Americans in the false claims that:

"Our Nation became Great as a democracy," and, "We have an obligation to spread democracy to the world."

The TRUTH is, "democracy" is the Logical Fallacy of "Appeal to the People," also called, "Mob Rule;" in which every citizen votes on every question, and what the majority decides is imposed.* Thankfully, democracy has never been imposed in America to accelerate the destruction of our Great Land of Liberty!

However, the concept of the Voice of the People prevailing is being used to confuse us, as the enemies of Liberty use it to trap us by claiming that, because the citizens who have the political right to vote go-through the motions of selecting representatives, our representative republic is just a form of democracy. [See "Democracy vs. Republic"]

When political leaders, media hacks and indoctrinators/programmers spread the word like fertilizer, there are so many Americans who believe the "democracy" lie, the Mass Perception becomes Reality in practical results that paralyze us. So, we don't act to resist the tightening of the chains of enslavement!

For those who do know better, cognitive dissonance prevails, because we know we are supposed to be a "republic," NOT a "democracy." But, when we try to counter the propaganda, we have difficulty exposing the lie, because we don't know how to express our warnings against entrenched indoctrination, so they fall on uncomprehending ears. [See TOOLS, Definitions #2 & #13: statist/collectivists]

We are betrayed by our own people! While, we then, betray other nations when we attempt to impose "democracy" upon their people!

America became Great because we were FREE!

[See again, TOOLS Definitions #2 & #13 Philosopher-Kings]

We were FREE from over-burdening governmental theft and oppression throughout our first 100+-years.

We began to decline when the momentum of our Rise was destroyed by Chains of Tyranny forged around our necks through perverting "education" to "instruction," by brainwashing and indoctrination--including the Democracy Lie--the "income" tax, direct election of U.S. Senators, and creation of the "Federal" Reserve Bank, with its strangling imposition of inflation/deflation and national interest debt.

Further, unconscionable tax burdens, budgetary-debt and stifling regulations were imposed deliberately, to enslave us through schemes forcing legalized-theft through collectivist redistribution of wealth at the point of the governmental gun!

A crucial component of the fundamental subversion and transformation of these United States of America is the deliberate usurpation of legislative power and suppression of legitimate constitutional executive authority by the Renegade Judiciary, through "activist judges" and "activist justices." Thus, Oligarchic entities** collude to promote and impose enslavement upon the Nation through Judicial Tyranny. [**See, again, Definitions #2 & #13.]

The lies claiming "democracy" made US Great are just propaganda pretending that Mob Rule has achieved something positive for America!

Our Nation's True Foundation

The farther we move from our founding principles of self-governance and limited government protecting Our RIGHTS by the Rule of Law, the more we destroy Our Liberty under God in our Constitutional Representative Republic!

As he left Independence Hall at the close of the Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked by close friend of George & Martha Washington, Mrs. Elizabeth Powel,

"What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?"

"A republic, Madam,
if you can keep it!"

Our Nation is a
Constitutional Representative Republic!

It is NOT a democracy!

Those who teach that we are under the Democracy Umbrella are wrong! [They could be either dupes, or, knowingly deceiving We, The People!]

In a democracy,
there are NO laws to restrain

Tyranny by the Majority!

The Majority RULES from emotionally-charged positions!

Democracy = Mob Rule!

*This means that, if, Today, 51% of the people are stirred-up against a minority of purple people and vote to kill all the purple people tomorrow; Tomorrow, all the purple people will be killed!

In democracy, there are no laws to control the emotion-whipped whims and desires of the Majority against the Rights of the Minority!

Our Constitutional Representative Republic is founded on the principle of PROTECTING RIGHTS while protecting the Minority against the Tyranny of the Majority!!!

This goal is accomplished through limited government responsible to a charter (the Constitution) restricting the powers of representatives elected by the people, and bound by laws passed to protect the Rights of We, the People, including the Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness [Property]. The pursuit of Happiness through the earning and holding of Property [which means any material or intellectual "property!"], NOT statist/collectivist-driven "redistribution of wealth!" [See TOOLS, Definition #10: Organic Law]

Pig in a Poke

Another crucial component of our constitutional representative republican foundation is the Presidential Electors; which protect the small States' Minority from the Tyranny of the large-State Majority.

Tyranny would most certainly come-about quickly if the terribly-conceived "democratic" National Popular Vote assault on the so-called "Electoral College" were to succeed!

The National Popular Vote (NPV) movement is one of the many evil assaults against our Liberty mounted by those who openly call themselves "progressives," or, covertly, work as wolves in sheep's clothing as fake "liberals" and fake "conservatives!"

They market a "Pig in a Poke" (NPV) as the means to bring democracy to our presidential elections!

They are actually trying hard to turn these United States of America into a slave state of a one-world statist/collectivist "technocracy!" [1]

Because democracy is an untenable political system!

The collectivist technocrats dangle the Democracy Carrot before the eyes of the covetous; mesmerizing them with promises of wealth stolen from their neighbors! And capitalizing on the programmed wrench-in-the-gears, lack of clarity in the minds of the sincere Patriots who love God's Liberty!

Meanwhile, with sleight-of-hand magic tricks, Our Liberty under God is being shackled by Establishment Elites and Progressives stealing our Freedom amidst Snake Oil Salesman-professions of democratic bliss to come. . . . [See TOOLS, Definition #2.A, at the link.]

It's all lies! There is no democratic bliss; there is only tyranny of those wielding power over We, the People!

Our Nation under God is at a crucial crossroads!

We, the People, MUST choose which road we will travel,

As for me,
I choose to serve God,


In order to keep our Republic, we must first revive and restore it!

In GOD's Liberty!

Itasca Small

[1] For excellent essays explaining "technocracy," see NoMoreFakeNews.com. For a definitive treatment of the history and goals of technocrats, search: "Technocracy Rising Patrick Wood," for links to the book and YouTube videos.

~ ~ ~

LIBERTY is a State of Being!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!