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Itasca says "LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!" - ItascaSmall.com







2018 Republican Primary Election

Itasca Small - Republican
Official Write-In Candidate
Arizona State Senate
LD 25

I'm asking for your vote to represent YOU!

I will fight to DREDGE the Swamp in our own Backyard! As We, The People, restore Liberty and the Constitution in our Great State!

Time is very short! ~80% of voters will VOTE EARLY, starting on August 1st!

Please tell everyone they can write-in a Constitutionalist Republican who is ready to dredge that swamp!

WE can ignite a Grassroots "Prairie Fire" to elect a senator who will represent US!...But, We need YOU! Contact

We have Write-In cards, flyers and yard signs. We need contributions, and, volunteers to:

  • install road & yard signs
  • hand-out literature at public places
  • knock doors at Republican and Independent residences
  • hang flyers at Republican and Independent residences
  • display magnetic signs on your vehicle
  • other ideas???

This is a high mountain to climb, the KEY to success is REACHING Voters! With God's Blessings, we CAN do this!

*For candidates who do not have an official voting record regarding our Second Amendment-protected Right to keep and bear arms, the NRA evaluates the answers to a comprehensive questionnaire and attaches a subscript "Q" to the score.

For Liberty!
Itasca Small

Without LIBERTY, Freedom cannot exist!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!