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"May you and your contemporaries . . . preserve inviolate [the] Constitution, which, cherished in all its chastity and purity, will prove in the end a blessing to all the nations of the earth." --Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Philip N. Nicholas, 11 December, 1821, Bergh 15:352

Welcome to Liberty Forum,

From the Echoes of Thomas Jefferson's hope,

May we and our contemporaries rescue, restore and preserve inviolate, for Ourselves and Our Posterity, the blessings of God's Liberty inherent in the Constitution, as a blessing to all the nations of the earth. In this dire time for our State, our Union and All of Earth, may we seek Wisdom to discern good and evil: to embrace and defend the good; to reject the evil in whatever guise we find it! Itasca

[Beware, Those who promise to bring us, "The Light!"]

To Those Who Want to Know:

"Where are we?"

"How did we get here?"

Welcome to a Torchlight Tour of the Redistricting Mind-Game!


[A Synopsis follows this Preface.]

This online Torchlight Tour presents the purpose, history and effects of the election-related process called, "Redistricting." It offers in-depth study of States acquiescing to federal governmental tyranny, by redrawing electoral units (districts) every ten years, to comply with unconstitutional federal mandates.

I show that the primary catalyst driving these mandates is the Supreme Court of the United States, using the fabricated claim that the "Equal Protection Clause" of the 14th Amendment addresses political voting rights, and, thereby, requires proportional, district-based,approximately mathematically equal representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and State Legislatures.

For a 2002, objective analysis of the real effects of Post-Baker v. Carr, from the imposition of the Equal Protection Clause fabrications of Chief Justice Earl Warren, over 40 years, see the Baker v. Carr, Justice Frankfurter Dissent Page, posted in the Side Menu of Redistricting: OVERVIEW.

Justice White's Majority Opinion in Gaffney v. Cummings is invaluable to understanding the Progressives' agenda, solidified and imposed in 1962, Baker v. Carr!

The work provides various resources, definitions and/or background of important terms and concepts, and internal and external links to supportive information; all of which contribute to illuminating the Redistricting Mind-Game, and the chaos it causes in disrupting the States' election processes every 10 years.

Multiple pages are formatted to address particular aspects of the overall process; there is, of necessity, some overlap to enhance clarity and complete connectivity of related concepts or facts. You can explore ever-more deeply, as interest leads. See the TOOLS Page for Term Definitions and some expanded Background. To search site-wide, click on "My Search," in the Side Menu Box.

For important background concepts, please follow these links to three essays: KEEP THE REPUBLIC, What Is Liberty, and The Just-Right System, or, click the links in the current Side Menu.

The information presented on this Tour can be adapted to every State in our Union!




Redistricting is an unconstitutional process mandated by the federal Government to force the States to create artificial electoral units every ten years. It is based-upon a contradiction in terms: approximating mathematically equal, population distribution across statewide voting districts. [In the next section, you will find an introduction to this monumental cog of the machinery transforming our Nation: From, Our American, Representative Republic; To, a Tyrannical Changeling; reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein's Monster! It is past-Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren's illegitimate creation, mandating the destruction of our Electoral System: The "One Man, One Vote," Moral Inversion.]

In Arizona, on false promises that it would end the disruption and chaos of Redistricting, we have even amended our State Constitution by creating the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, in violation of the U.S. Constitution! [Prop 106]

Redistricting has been used to transform our electoral landscape--and by osmosis, our way of life--by decreeing compliance with requirements for manipulating certain types of special interest groups into aggregated voting blocs designed to elect candidates to represent the interests of the political operatives who "allow" them to dominate single-party, competitive districts.

The United States Supreme Court is the catalyst driving the mandates, on the backs of a bogus interpretation of the 14th Amendment's "Equal Protection Clause," and the Logical Fallacy created therefrom: "One Man, One Vote." [Or, One Person, One Vote.]

States acquiesce, accepting the unconstitutional commands, with only minimal, unsuccessful, legal challenges. They conduct expensive, time-consuming processes to redraw district lines to comply with a list of demands for manipulating the numbers of each district, to favor the approved special interest groups and political parties to assure the "right" candidates will be "elected."

A crucial component of allowing and manipulating the special interest groups to dominate each district is the "appearance" of two-party competitiveness. Because, Leadership of the two major parties are Partners dancing to the Tunes of the Oligarchic Tyrants orchestrating the Grand Deception:

We the People pretending to enjoy Electoral Liberty; believing we're exercising the right of suffrage!

The Players and Dancers were content to keep-on playing their part in the Big Picture--controlling elections--until the Alarming Wake-up Call of 2016! They were suddenly in imminent peril of losing the power and control they had enjoyed for 54-years, through the federal Government's takeover of the States' Right to conduct elections, in our Nation!

Their reaction was the audacious plot to throw caution to the Winds of Evil, and pull-off the biggest Election Heist in History! They rocketed past their advantage from control of the districts; they blatantly stole the balloting process!

The Consequence is the Bizarro History we are now living-through!

In Arizona, they doubled-down to play new games with Redistricting. They used the process to throw a monkey wrench into the 2022 Election Cycle in several ways!

  • • The 2020 Decennial Census was problematic, unconstitutional in it's scope, and consumed too much time.
  • • The Redistricting process took too much time to complete.
  • • The physical Districts and the Candidate Redistricting Guide blatantly conflict with the Arizona State Constitution on Legislative Candidate residency requirements! SoS Candidate Redistricting Guide 1.11.2022.(page 6); AZ Constitution.Art.4.Part4.Sec.2
  • • The legislature passed new "laws" that set-the-stage for SoS Hobbs to play fast-and-loose with Election Procedures, hence, Candidates have faced illogical, irrational, and disruptive challenges in gathering Nominating Petition Signatures and E-Qual Contributions!

There are more challenges to come, as the new districts will have been drawn to maximize the effects of aggregating the chosen special interest groups into their new spheres of influence.

At strategic points on our Torchlight Tour of the Redistricting Mind-Game, I offer ideas as Calls to Action, to eliminate the Redistricting Problem and other problems it feeds.

"The reality is that districting inevitably has and is intended to have substantial political consequences. Gaffney v. Cummings, p.753 (1973); or, click on SECTION III.

[All of the information provided in the Torchlight Tour, beginning below, is important to Arizona. However, to go directly to analyses focusing on Arizona, click on the Side Menu links, above: "AZ On Democratic Road to Oligarchic Tyranny" & "Harris v. AZIRC One Man One Vote."]

~ ~ ~

You are invited to embark on my

Torchlight Tour of America's Election Matrix:

The Redistricting Mind-Game!

First, we need to pause in the Election Matrix Lobby to address Chief Justice Earl Warren's device that has confounded and undermined our Nation!

Our political system has ridden for 60 years on a crucial phrase, promoting a mythical "rule" wielded by the U.S. Supreme Court to subvert our nation's political landscape. The idea behind the phrase is a fundamental weapon of the "Progressive" propaganda arsenal, indoctrinating Americans to believe the lie that "democracy" is the father of our Representative Republic.

A modified version of that same phrase has gained popularity in the Constitutionalist Election Integrity Movement; making it even more difficult to overcome the mindset programmed to impose tyrannical control over our elections.

So, before we leave the Lobby, it is necessary to clarify two opposing uses of the crucial phrase:

One Man, One Vote

1. Current Usage by Constitutionalists: "One Man, One Vote, One Day:"

  • • One Man Votes One Time
  • • All Who Vote, Vote One Time Each, on One Day

2. Created by Chief Justice Warren of the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1962, to subvert our election process: "One Man, One Vote:"

[Changed in Gray v. Sanders, to "One Person, One Vote," to reflect the "political equality" that had been achieved with Women's Suffrage.]

  • • "One Man, One Vote" doctrine claims the 14th Amendment requires States to apportion legislative representation on a population-basis so each person's vote is weighted for mathematical equality.
  • • The Supreme Court attributes a voting rights-based meaning to the 14th Amendment provision: ". . . nor shall any State . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."
  • • Historical records prove that the Amendment was written to codify the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and "equal protection of the laws" has NO correlation to political voting rights. [See Raoul Berger Excerpts, and SCOTUS Opinions of Justices Felix Frankfurter, John Marshall Harlan II, and Clarence Thomas. Additional links on this site.]
  • • Therefore, any and all Opinions of the Courts, and any legislation passed by Congress claiming vote-related constitutional requirements founded in the so-called "Equal Protection Clause" are unconstitutional, without foundation; null and void.
  • • Any voting-related doctrine created and imposed by SCOTUS or Congress claimed to be a constitutional requirement rising from the 14th Amendment's "Equal Protection Clause" is unconstitutional!
  • • Actual outcome of the One Man, One Vote doctrine: enables electoral district schemes to use special interest groups to control election results.
  • • SCOTUS allows States to deviate from its equal population mandate as long as the State can satisfy the Court's real purpose in imposing it: Tyrannical control over the election process by claims of democratic representation requirements.
  • • One Man, One Vote, as created by Warren, is a Logical Fallacy representing a flawed concept.

Proof that One Man, One Vote is fabricated from whole cloth is the fact there has never been a meaningful explanation of just how the Court expects the States to accomplish this mathematically impossible goal!

No matter how convincingly the programmers tell us our republic is a representative democracy; no matter how impassioned their insistence that we must structure our electoral units to reach that nebulous One Man, One Vote Big Lie of every citizen achieving equal legislative representation in weighted voting games, we must understand that it is a bastardization of our Republican Form of Government!

Its proponents pretend to create a meld of democracy and republican representation. This false democratic tyranny is impossible, because democracy and republic are two, different, political philosophies!

Regardless how many people tell you democracy is the base of all political systems rooted in the People, it is NOT!

There is ample proof in the Founders' historical record that the National Government they created with the Constitution for the United States of America is a Constitutional, Representative Republic!

If you choose representatives to serve you in government, you have a republic!

It is NOT a democracy!

It is NOT a democratic republic!

It is NOT a representative democracy!

By indoctrinating and mind-programming so many of us in public instruction schools, they have created a programmed class of citizens who accept anything the Court decrees regarding the drawing of our electoral units, until they escape the mind-shackles.

We continue to attempt to comply with the One Man, One Vote rule, by acquiescing to the results of Redistricting every 10 years!

Please see several treatments of the "rule," on this site, or linked, as:

  • • my commentary,
  • • case opinions
  • • analyses
  • • reports
  • • case/commentary combinations, including:

Redistricting One Man, One Vote,

Harris v. AZ Independent Redistricting Commission

and, Evenwel v. Abbott.

~ ~ ~

What is Electoral "Redistricting" . . . Really?

Our State, Nation and World are in Upheaval never before experienced on a global scale!

Where are We?

Living under Oligarchic Tyranny, "ruled" by a relative few, Evil Men and Women . . .

How did We get Here?

By following the Pied Piper!

The Road to Tyranny is broad--filled with traps and lies--spread thick with misdirection, temptation and snares.

In our innocence, we were manipulated, indoctrinated, programmed; to keep us blinded in a murky sea of illogical concepts, designed to keep us from discerning the chains forged in our minds by those our parents trusted to "teach," not enslave us!

Inundated daily, with lies and contradictions, the Progressives "instructed" us in the way "they" wanted us to go!

They set-us-up in a nationwide Hegelian Dialectic Trap, pitting us against one another; leading us all, inexorably, toward the Abyss; as we follow the Piper's Tunes! See Left Center Right?

Am I really talking about "routine redistricting" of our electoral system . . . ?

Back in Early January, I asked that question as I began my quest to understand the chaotic disruptions of our 2022 Election Cycle!

I had only a shallow relationship with the puzzling effects of Redistricting until I started to dig deeply into the Election Matrix I call the Redistricting Mind-Game!

Now, after months of intensive research and writing, I invite you to join me in analyzing why, and how, a simple-sounding electoral process has nullified our Right to Self-Governance, dismantled our limited government through public servants chosen in truly free and equal elections, and shackled the free exercise of our right of suffrage, guaranteed by the State Constitution, Art.2.Sec.21.

I have woven and laid-out an extensive tapestry of interconnecting, correlated threads, to show why and how we have lost our Liberty, accelerated over the past 60-years of directed, continuous volleys fired from the governmental guns of Judicial Tyrants playing their roles as Plato's Philosopher-Kings; together with their collaborators, waging philosophical and psychological war on We the People, from the bulwarks of usurped authority!

"The reality is that districting inevitably has and is intended to have substantial political consequences." Gaffney v. Cummings/Section III

~ ~ ~

The Big Picture

  • • SCOTUS has usurped power and become an Oligarchic Judicial Tyranny, in the guise of Plato's Philosopher-Kings. BUT, they have only the power we acquiesce to allow them!
  • • "Redistricting" as imposed, is an unconstitutional means to control the Electorate; hence, to control the Nation!
  • • Any reference to the "Equal Protection" or "Due Process" Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment relative to voting, is a red herring, falsely claiming constitutional requirements! History condemns it!
  • • The meaningless idea that is used to manipulate election processes in the States is also without constitutional or historical basis: One Man, One Vote. It is used as a mind-programming "trigger" to evoke emotional affinity for an unfounded premise.
  • • So, without sound foundation in political philosophy, "One Man, One Vote" is used to fool the Citizenry to accept the false claim that America is a Democracy, such as, the politically impossible: "Democratic-Republic."
  • • "Proportional Representation" and "Equal Population District" concepts are used in conjunction with "One Man, One Vote," to promote the Lie.

These concepts are used to keep millions subconsciously uncertain about our political foundations. Potent tools used to program our minds in emotion-based indoctrination, they have been instilled in us to keep us from fully understanding our Constitutional, Representative, Republican Form of Government.

The "One Man, One Vote" indoctrination-programming appears to be the right-brain/emotion-based linchpin preventing access to the left-brain/reason-based doorway to our rational, volitional consciousness. Once the linchpin is removed, our volitional consciousness is free to focus on--and reject--all of the false arguments locking-out our minds from discerning the Straw Man Fallacy encompassing the Lies of the Redistricting Mind-Game.

As you can see, I deal with "One Man, One Vote" at several places in this work. Because, it is essential to understand in order to reach the necessary condemnation of "Redistricting," as imposed by SCOTUS, Congress and the Executive!

Releasing the grip our minds have on the One Man, One Vote propaganda is challenging! I would like to jump right into the middle of the controversy with a quote from a report published in 2003:

" . . . we must make a normative judgment about which groups of people we will allow to aggregate votes to elect someone to represent their interests. The seductive appeal of the one man, one vote standard has led us to believe that it is somehow based on an Individual Right and is therefore more neutral or objective. It is not." The False Promise of One Man, One Vote, 2003 [The author is on the Court's side.]

The quote shows that the quixotic pursuit of the false, mind-programmed concept of "One Man, One Vote," as a protection of Individual Rights, actually results in an aggregation/melding of each actual vote into a "collective blob" of indistinguishable Majority Rules, Logical Fallacy of "Appeal to the People," Mob Rule!

As long as the emotion-based appeal of "One Man, One Vote" is swallowed-up in the mind-programmed emotions of many Americans; the statist/collectivist philosophy prevails; negating the Rights of the Minority! [The Individual is the world's smallest Minority! Hat tip, Ayn Rand!]

But, that's not all the author reveals! He is declaring that he and his ilk are deliberately choosing what "groups" will be allowed to aggregate their votes in the redistricting process in order to assure they will elect the "right" candidate!

This is the foundation of the entire Redistricting Mind-Game! It is intended to swallow-up the Individual to make room for a collective hive, in controlled elections!

All of the special attention given to aggregating Individuals into groups:

  • • minorities,
  • • the two major parties,
  • • Seniors, and,
  • • the other recognized special interest groups,

is to herd them into the Supreme Court's parameters for "weighting" districts, in order to meet arbitrary requirements for One Man, One Vote; equal population districts and proportional representation, that result in Tyranny of the Majority-control of the Electorate and Election Outcomes!

Please read Federalist Papers #10, and #54, dealing with congressional representation. James Madison's #10, explains--and warns against--the concept of factions: smaller "districts" controlled by selected factions [AKA: parties, minorities, seniors, other special interest groups], aggregated into a cohesive whole, which promotes/protects the "two-party system," or other specific groups. This dynamic artificially creates the equivalent to individual, single-party districts. These then yield a unified result: as a multi-district, aggregated whole. All are controlled by the two parties playing their roles toward a shared purpose: statist/collectivist Tyranny!

This important piece of the "One Man, One Vote" propaganda is the excuse for creating pretend, equal-population districts.

The dirtiest little secret is that the Supreme Court "allows" 10%, or more, deviation from equal population, to provide for weighting the districts by the desired special interests and party "competitiveness." Intended to ensure the desired results at the Ballot Box, or, in the Mail Box!

10% deviation is certainly not numerical equivalence! And, even if the districts were equal in population, there is no correlation between the total population and the number of citizens eligible to vote in any given district!

"The reality is that districting inevitably has and is intended to have substantial political consequences." Gaffney v. Cummings/Section III

The Party Leaders KNOW--AND PLAY--THIS GAME!

And, that is Redistricting in a nutshell!

We are living the Nightmare James Madison warned against!

We cannot say we were not warned!

~ ~ ~


"The Court's authority—possessed of neither the purse nor the sword—ultimately rests on sustained public confidence in its moral sanction." Justice Frankfurter, Baker v. Carr, (1962)

So, the Supreme Court of the United States is the root of the monumental problems caused by the practice called, "Redistricting." Having been indoctrinated gradually for more than a century-and-a-half, in 1962, We the People allowed the Supreme Court "Justices" to ascend to the Pinnacle of Judicial Tyranny, issuing decrees we've accepted as law. [For commentary on identifying Plato's ideal rulers of the people, see: Philosopher-Kings! Reynolds v. Sims, and Philosopher-Kings/TOOLS]

In 1962, with its Baker v. Carr Decision, the Court threw-in all the chips and took control of our electoral system. Arizona, and other States that tried to fight-back, have made a fatal mistake from the start; we accept the Court's lies, claiming false interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment. Inadequate knowledge of the Constitution and our history has brought us to the brink of destruction.

In his Dissent in Baker, Justice Frankfurter summed-up the pathway to destruction, and how to avoid it! Summarized from the single sentence quoted at the beginning of this section:

Do Not Comply!

We did not heed his and Justice Harlan II's well-reasoned and historically accurate warnings of the unconstitutional lies making-up the Warren Court's Majority Opinion in that truly landmark case!

By accepting the Court's usurpation of authority not delegated to it, we acquiesced toward our own demise by making a nearly-fatal mistake in accepting the Court's terms. Now, in 2022, we still haven't learned that a War cannot be won when fought on the enemy's terms!

But, with God's Blessing, We the People CAN and MUST revive and restore our heritage in Our Liberty under God!

For analysis focused on Arizona, click on the following link:

Continue to: Redistricting: AZ on the "DEMOCRATIC ROAD" to OLIGARCHIC TYRANNY

. . .

LIBERTY is a State of Being!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!