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Itasca Small - Republican


Quite disappointing! My team and all of our valued supporters worked hard to WIN!

Our efforts included our Grassroots Army hanging flyers on nearly 5000 residential doors to augment our event appearances, social media, radio, Web-site, campaign literature, and yard & street signage!

But, the 582 votes I received is a very impressive write-in tally! We learned the hard way that it is true that write-in campaigns are doomed to fail due to several factors, unless the candidate succeeds in reaching enough voters.

Although we achieved the relatively impressive vote tally, our efforts fell-short of overcoming the Citizens Clean Elections Commission and county elections practices that adversely affect the legislature's statutory intent to inform voters of Official Write-In Candidacies.

For future Write-In Candidates, our analysis shows that given the general dissatisfaction with Incumbent Bob Worsley's record, my message against Common Core and for Constitutional Small Government, and all of the campaign activities in which we engaged, a larger Grassroots Army of "troops" hanging door flyers could have changed the outcome!

As the Lord wills, I look forward to the next election cycle! (Which begins on November 9, 2016.)

Thank you for your votes and to All who supported my candidacy in any way!

Itasca Small

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



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