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A Sentinel for LIBERTY!

In Our LIBERTY under God,

[This page is under construction, Itasca]



All the evil arising from the '60s was enabled and propelled by the Supreme Court's false interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment! The linchpin of the scam was Chief Justice Earl Warren leading SCOTUS into a 60-years-long, and counting, Big Con to subvert our Nation through federal mandates to draw and redraw electoral district lines, built-upon the Big Lie he named, "One Man, One Vote." The resulting Shockwaves of Treason have changed the face of our Nation, by transforming the underpinning landscape via our electoral and political system.

"The Court's authority—possessed of neither the purse nor the sword—ultimately rests on sustained public confidence in its moral sanction." Justice Frankfurter, Baker v. Carr/Harlan Dissent Excerpt (1962)




"Party Members," indoctrinated to blindly accept what are actually democratic principles?

To begin to answer that question, you can start the next leg of your Redistricting Torchlight Tour by finding the in-depth, Justice Harlan II's Dissenting Opinion revealing the most crucial propaganda lining the dire straits of Redistricting's "shark-infested waters!" Follow this link One Man, One Vote/Wesberry v. Sanders, to an in-depth exposition of the U.S. Supreme Court's ASSAULT on our Republican Form of Government, via the grand delusion of:

"One Man, One Vote"


"Equal Population District!"

Then, take a


Political Fundamentals

in a


God-given Liberty


Human-created Philosophy and Political Theories

FOUNDATION: Democracy vs. Republic. Follow the link to see Founders' quotes in a historically-based analysis of these two Human-created Political Theories; "Democracy" is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing seeking to devour us! The right kind of "Republic" can come closest to God-given Liberty in the "Real World." [The original work is unattributed at here.]


I. The United States of America: Our American Republic is Unique in the History of Mankind.

A. We are united by a Constitution ordained, established and perpetuated by We the People; mortal men and women, as One Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.

1. Inherent in those words is our Liberty in Self-Governance, with certain powers and duties delegated to Limited Government, with every State Guaranteed "a Republican Form of Government" [Art.IV.Sec.4]

B. A cursory study shows that the term, "republic," translated from the Latin, res publica, meaning "public affair," has been applied to various forms of governance; from Plato's Philosopher-Kings, (#13)--in obvious affinity with the roots of tyrannical statism and collectivism [and, Philosopher-Kings/Reynolds v. Sims]--to our American Republic:

1. We the People are sovereign under God, protecting unalienable God-given Rights; achieved to varying degrees by We the People choosing Representatives who exercise delegated, limited, sovereign power shackled by the Rule of Law:

"Law comes from a higher source than the civil authorities. The “Rule of Law” prevails when the civil authorities obey that higher Law – be it God’s Law or our Constitution." Publius Huldah, Point 7..

II. The historical concept of a republican form of government is just one of the political theories arising from man's philosophy, many of which are contrasted with the Lesson of Liberty in The Holy Bible.

A. Our Liberty under God is separately distinct from ALL man-made political theories! which are rooted in tyranny of one form or another.

B. God's Liberty is NOT part of Man's political spectrum! It is "outside-the-box!"

C. All renderings of the political spectrum depict tyranny; from the tyranny of anarchy, to the tyranny of monarchy, to oligarchic tyranny and all manifestations in-between.

D. Human society comes down to the dichotomy of Liberty or Tyranny! And, anyone who interacts with others by infringing upon their Individual Rights* is a tyrant at heart, whether in personal relationships or as "public servants." *[Disclaimer: The link goes to quotes on Individual Rights, by Philosopher/Novelist Ayn Rand. Although she proclaimed atheism, Rand was deeply influenced by her early Jewish upbringing, which is evident in much of her philosophy. But, I DO NOT agree with her views included on the linked page, claiming unborn babies have no Individual Rights!]

III. Like "democracy," "republic" has been used to name all manner of governments, including communist States, causing contradictions of terms that--together with the intentional dumbing-down and mind-programming of America--cause cognitive dissonance in the understanding of what our own American Republic actually represents!

A. That infamous dumbing-down over the past 160-years or-more has muddied the political waters so effectively that the Founders' clear understanding of the form of government they gave us is nearly lost in the effects of indoctrination smearing the distinction between "republic" and "democracy!" For a mostly concise comparison of the two concepts, supporting the Founders' unequivocal rejection of democracy and choice of the republican form of government they constructed with the Constitution, see Democracy vs. Republic, and, recall Dr. Franklin's response to Mrs. Powel's query asking what form of government the Convention had given us: "A republic, Madam; if you can keep it!"

1. The sobering reality I am encountering as I pursue my quest for Truth, is, first, learning that the Founders' ideas about what constitutes a "right," and what does not, are foreign to my concept! But, it seems their actual understanding was rooted in the traditions of England and other European Nations. For exposition of this strange fact and its manifestations, see Berger's Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment,, And, Publius Huldah, regarding specifically, the question of, the "right to vote," quoted & linked, at Definition #6, TOOLS: "there is no right to vote" in the Constitution.

B. The Tyrants working to destroy Our Liberty under God use the dissonance described above, to confuse and hoodwink Americans by entangling concepts of Our Freedom to Exercise God's Liberty, with "democratic" principles, while they impose such principles upon the Nation! The biggest, most pernicious of these impositions is Court-mandated "Redistricting" falsely disguised as "constitutional" requirements; as "they" actually work to transform our States and our Nation to an oligarchy of elites disguised as a contradiction of terms: democratic-republic!


Why "Redistricting" Every 10 Years,

in our

"Representative Republic?"

"The reality is that districting inevitably has and is intended to have substantial political consequences." Gaffney v. Cummings(1973) [Select "Case" in the Headings to see the entire Majority Opinion, by Justice White. Section "III" is most revealing! Or, read just Section III, with my short comment, on a separate page on this site.]

This SCOTUS Opinion exposes details of Redistricting's true nature, as it has been practiced for 60 years! The enemy uses it to control elections and States, toward Transforming America even beyond Plato's Republic, by using democratic methods imposed by Judicial Tyranny!

And, What's Wrong with

"One Man, One Vote"

"Equal Population District?"

Understanding the answer is crucial to understanding what's wrong with our Representative Republic!

Think of the reason the Founders created the system we call the Electoral College; rather than directly electing the president and vice president by popular vote . . . and, why is it under sustained attack by those who are pushing-for demolishing it for a National Popular Vote? Not that I think you need to read it to understand their evil purpose, but, it helps to comprehend just how diabolical the proposal is! The Presidential Elector system represents the primary duty of our Representative Republic:

To protect the small States from the Tyranny of the Majority found in the more populous cities and large States!

Because, WE are NOT a "democracy!"

God created Man as a being of volitional consciousness. This means, at life's basic level, each individual chooses to form primary premises from which he further chooses to govern his own life, selecting moral standards to guide his every thought and action. These choices are made from the earliest perceptions of external stimuli, as a baby perceives the world and makes initial value judgments about every aspect of his life. [For a different kind of exposition of volitional consciousness, see an original poem: EONS : VOLITION.]

How his world unfolds around him provides the bits of information he uses to fuel the fires of his voracious intellectual appetite to perceive, understand and know the wonders of the new experiences occurring all around him! the wonders of HIS VERY OWN, ELASTIC UNIVERSE!

That is Life's Beginning for every human being! And, the details of any specific, individual human's Beginning are as varied as the number of individual humans ever born into this Greater Universe that the individual discovers is vastly larger than he at first comprehended . . . beyond the elastic limits of his primal conceptualization!

Volition plays a big part in any individual maintaining the voracious intensity of his intellectual appetite to KNOW all he can about the Universe God gave him for a Playground!

Or, choosing at some level, to reject the Unknown for the comfortable Known, to live from that point onward to death; content with the finite knowledge of his intellectual suicide.

The specifics of the primal choices each of us makes at our own Beginning are greatly influenced and shaped by other humans' choices in our lives. In the mix, as our experiences inform our intellect, we assign value to them and integrate that value into judgments. Value judgments form a substrate in our minds; underlying the non-material mind's thought formations, it acts as a permeable, membrane-like interface between the mind and the physical brain.

When a value judgment is triggered by a perception or other thought, it crosses the mind/brain interface; the physical brain signals the endocrine system to release hormones that complete an emotional feedback loop perceived and transmuted by the brain to the mind.

So, what does this have to do with democracy, "One Man, One Vote" and Equal Population District?

Humanity's enemies know that, if they can "short-circuit" an individual's thought formations with calculated illogic and irrational propaganda, they will confound the reasoning ability and supercharge the emotional feedback loop. Two categories of individual are programmed to differing degrees:

1. As an individual grows and learns, his mind organizes all inputted data into an integrated whole. Normally, everything melds to create his unique personality.

However, if he has been subjected to psychological "programming," such as the Progressive, Instruction Triumvirate: Deconstruction/Indoctrination/Reconstruction--as a large percentage of Americans have, through public "instruction," while only a small percentage are interested in actually understanding politics--it is unlikely that he has a real knowledge of political theory and the philosophy that informs it.

It is more likely that he uses the political indoctrination from his programming to support statist/collectivist causes and "democratic" principles.

Knowing the overall effect of his programming, i.e. skewed value judgment with an abnormally high Emotional Quotient attached to all his endeavors [especially if the individual is a woman], and probable rejection of the desire to actually understand and know the world around him, he probably votes for such anti-Liberty values as social justice and wealth redistribution.

So, it is quite likely that his voting record puts him squarely in the camp that believes democracy is a noble goal and system! And,

He is highly likely to accept with emotional vehemence--without question--the false axiom represented by the illogic of "One Man, One Vote!"

A. Given the tendency for greater numbers of these more-pervasively programmed, illogical individuals who have also chosen to reject the option to continue seeking to truly know their world--AND God's Spiritual Realm beyond the created Universe--to congregate in human warrens called cities, the more-populated areas are rife with citizens who are emotionally conditioned to vote for democracy.

2. If the programming was only partially effective, the individual could be caught on the Horns of a False Dilemma!

He may be committed to the concept of Individual Liberty, and he may understand that, in human civilization, there must be a balance between Justice and Mercy.

Which is best achieved in limited, formal government, subjugated to the Will of the Citizenry, by Individuals living God's Liberty, in Self-Governance!

But, human beings tend toward being ruled by their emotions, and this individual may vote for Our Liberty under God, while living a dichotomy of false value-judgments induced by baseless propaganda targeted to activate his emotions.

A. This partially programmed-state of mind leaves the individual subconsciously believing the "One Man, One Vote" mantra as a just and truthful concept representing fairness to All, regardless what some Men's Votes may do to destroy God's Liberty and Justice for All! This illogical mindset renders the individual strongly resistant to any claim that "One Man, One Vote" is NOT an unquestioned, unassailable axiom.

B. These individuals are effectively stuck in philosophical limbo; wanting to understand and know Truth, their programming has made it difficult for them to break-free beyond the false value-judgment dichotomy shackling their emotions and minds, to ferret-out the trigger thoughts that prevent their seeing the true absurdity of "One Man, One Vote," and it's corollary claim to Equal Population Districts!

C. Loyal to the Cause for Liberty: By that very loyalty, they agree to demands for "One Man, One Vote" in Equal Population Districts. Thereby, voluntarily capitulating their right to demand equal protection against the Progressives who programmed them into slavery.

[This portion is under construction, Itasca]

Further, U.S. Senators not being elected from districts, nor allotted by population apportionment, is another big clue! U.S. Representatives are not elected by the whole populace, nor are State legislators. There is not even an approximation of "one man, one vote" in the entirety of our elective representation, at any level!

Furthermore, IF these terms were politically, morally and dynamically desirable, it is impossible to apportion an entire State's populace into actual "Equal Population Districts" to pretend that "one man, one vote" is a meaningful goal!


So, there is NO justification in our Representative Republic for Judicial Tyranny pretending to mandate that our representatives must be elected from equal population districts!

The dirty little secret is: THEY KNOW THE TRUTH!!! They are just following their playbook: Invert the Truth with lies to fool as many people as possible, for as long as possible! I acknowledge: I was fooled, because I didn't take the time to explore the argument as far as needed.

The Problem can be eliminated if We the People take-up our Torchlights and invite others to bring their Tools and take a Tour of the Redistricting Lies!

"At the core of Georgia's diffusion of voting strength which favors the small as against the large counties is the urban-rural problem, so familiar in the American political scene. In my dissent in Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. at 369 U.S. 306, I expressed the view that a State might rationally conclude that its general welfare was best served by apportioning more seats in the legislature to agricultural communities than to urban centers, lest the legitimate interests of the former be submerged in the stronger electoral voice of the latter." [And, THAT is the point! THAT IS THE GOAL! Itasca] Justice Harlan Dissent, (386), Gray v. Sanders/Harlan Dissent (1963).

This concept was well-understood and was applied to representation apportionment by the States until the citizenry became sufficiently indoctrinated to allow the Warren Court to use incessant assaults against the Constitution to frame false interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment for the federal judiciary to commit a coup d'etat against our Republican Form of Government in Baker v. Carr, and subsequent cases! [1]

Constitutional Scholar, Raoul Berger documented historical facts in Berger, Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment," 1977. There is much to learn in this 557-page book/.pdf, but, four quotes from the Past are exceptionally valuable to the Redistricting discussion; you can find them here: Berger Excerpts. The first is from 1853, and is partially reproduced here:

". . . As the practice of giving Massachusetts small towns disproportionate influence had sprung 'from custom and popular faith, silently operating with internal power, not from the imposed will of a lawgiver' . . . no radical change in the admittedly inequitable system should be tried at present, but instead the rural towns should be given more representation so as to protect the Commonwealth against the 'commercial feudalism' of the big cities." Donald, Sumner I 246, quoting 3 Sumner, Works 229-258. Quoted in Berger, Govt by Judiciary, Note 13, p.94. See the full quote, and three more, here: Berger Excerpts

"One Man, One Vote" & Equal Population Districts

are NOT



They are weapons used to bring-down our Nation; one "district" and one State at a time!

Tyrants use them to dig traps to fool & catch Voters, subvert elections & destroy the Republic!

To paraphrase President Andrew Jackson: The supreme court has made its decisions, now let it enforce them!



Electoral Upheaval Across America!


Fed-mandated Districts are Crucial

on the "Democratic" Road

to Oligarchic Tyranny & Global Government!

Tyrants are destroying our Liberty by artificially manipulating the Electorate in every voter's "Backyard!" They are forcing democratic principles upon us by requiring special interest-driven voting districts, independent of the political subdivisions of the States [counties].

They dictate parameters for drawing these districts to benefit special interests and special groups, especially assuring two-party political competitiveness. Thus, making it possible for them to control the outcome of elections.

They force the States to follow their dictates by deconstructing and indoctrinating the citizenry to believe lies, particularly arising from deliberately false interpretations of the 14th Amendment by the Judiciary; "justified" by the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and its Amendments.

Why is this happening?

We have lost sight of the basic principles of our Constitutional, Representative, Republican Form of Government, guaranteed by Art.IV.Sec.4.

So, what is the principle called, "one man, one vote?" And, how does it relate to dictates for "equal population" apportionment?

After nearly a century of attempts, in 1962 HISTORY, activist “justices” perverted and weaponized the 14th Amendment. The Supreme Court usurped power by all-out assault; dominoes fell, implanting democratic mob-rule in our political system. The deceptive “one man, one vote” device entrenched in our Representative Apportionment jurisprudence by Chief Justice Warren, [1] from 1962 to 1964, culminating with Reynolds v. Sims [See Excerpts and Case link: Philosopher-Kings/Reynolds v. Sims Excerpts], demands anti-republican, equal population districts disguised as democratic "one man, one vote" mandates [at some point, political correctness morphed the original phrase from "one man" to "one person," but, I choose to use the term as C.J. Warren coined it where possible]. The Voting Rights Act of 1965, following the Court's lead, suppressed traditional representative apportionment; giving birth to mandated “majority-minority districts,” two-party “competitive districts,” and weighting for other special interests; inverting government’s purpose by making the federal Judiciary a puppet master manipulating toys on equal-length strings!

In 1968, C.J. Warren was asked by a reporter which cases during his time on the Court were most important: "The series of rulings, [1] he said, that created the constitutional idea of 'one person, one vote.' That is a basic theory of democratic representation: no individual’s vote may be weighted more heavily than any other’s. Election districts, for Congress and state legislatures, must be drawn as close to equal in population as can practically be done." [2]

[1] The seminal cases:

Full Case: Baker v. Carr/4 Harlan Dissent/Scroll to 287, or: Baker v. Carr/Harlan Dissent Excerpt, Baker v. Carr/Frankfurter Dissent Excerpt

Gray v. Sanders, or, on-site: Gray v. Sanders/Harlan Dissent

Wesberry v. Sanders, or, on-site: One Man, One Vote/Wesberry v. Sanders

Reynolds v. Sims, or, on-site: Philosopher-Kings/Reynolds v. Sims

[Although, I find a few problems with Justice John Marshall Harlan II's interpretation of certain constitutional clauses, otherwise, his dissenting opinions in these, and other, cases are brilliant and accurate!]

[2] There is no doubt that Warren fully-intended to subvert the constitutional foundation of our Representative Republic by supplanting it through "Redistricting" with the Changeling, "Democracy!"

Continue to: Redistricting Under Siege

Without LIBERTY, Freedom cannot exist!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!