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The Just Right System Created:19-Apr-2022

A Sentinel for LIBERTY!

In Our LIBERTY under God!

Proclaiming LIBERTY for All!!!



~ ~ ~

The "Just-Right" System

The "Just-Right" system is NOT part of the conventionally envisioned, linear political spectrum, because it exists "outside-the-box," beyond the constraining shackles of the five senses; as a state-of-being characterized by the Freedom of its Citizens to exercise their God-given Liberty!

Where the linear spectrum limits its subjects by arbitrary and capricious Rule of Tyrants, the "Just-Right" system is a boundless spectrum limited only by imagination, creativity, motivation and moral integrity. It consists of Self-Governance under the Rule of Law; moderated through constitutional, representative, limited government.

It isn't perfect; it will never be Heaven on Earth,* because Man is still fallen as a creature existing in the fallen, created universe. But, it is "Just-Right" relative to the tyrannical system, as long as the Citizens remember that they live in Liberty under God, and defend against the incessant assault against it by Tyrants. *This link is to an essay posted on 3/2/2013, but, it is still relevant.

At what appear to be far ends of a DYNAMIC linear spectrum encompassing "Liberty & Tyranny," are "total chaotic anarchy" [which, in actuality, is just a form of tyranny by a multitude of Individuals], and "total tyrannical enslavement" [in actuality, tyranny by a few (oligarchy)]. It is "dynamic," but, it does not encompass "Liberty."

And, it is only linear in ordering the numbers represented by the Tyrants. It is more-aptly described by the allegory of a snake eating its own tail; tyranny is tyranny, regardless how many Tyrants impose it. So, it is actually like a cylindrical ring. In which tyranny lives as the Few chasing the Many, and the Many chasing the Few around the ring; like Day chases Night, and Night chases Day around the globe. Neither state of totality exists for long, because of the dynamic nature of Man's state of being; which fluxuates, effecting change, by the vibrant Nature God created in Man [similar to the vibrating strings theory of quantum physics].

As either extreme is reached, God moves the hearts of men to resistance! He moves leaders to stir the people to ACT to resist the tyranny! Resistance prevails and men achieve degrees of freedom from the Tyrants, between the states of tyranny.

Resistance may, indeed, seem "futile," but, the trend moves a State away from the point of total anarchy or total tyranny. If the Citizens keep their heads down, and their minds shackled, they will just keep running around that endless ring, like a hamster running inside its wheel.

True Liberty, as a state-of-being, under God, is a meld of theology and philosophy of life. It is the only escape from the Tyrant's Wheel.

~ ~ ~

LIBERTY is a State of Being!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!