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Tools to Understand
The Siege!


1. Redistricting: Term for the modified application of the U.S. Constitution, Art.I.Sec.2.Cl.3, requiring ten-year apportionment adjustments to Congressional representation by population. States attempt to comply with unconstitutional federal mandates on how the States are to conduct this ten-year reapportionment, including dictating all aspects of electing congressional representatives, and members of the State legislatures, according to unconstitutional Judicial Edicts and Congressional Acts. See 2022 Arizona Report by Ballotpedia.

There is NO delegated federal jurisdiction to dictate to the States how they will determine methods of apportioning the selection of State Legislators or Congressional Representatives among the Electorate. To the contrary, it is a long-established fact that a State legislative body has--and retains--the authority and duty to legislate the methods of apportioning the Electorate, and setting the qualifications for voting in the State.

These are crucial facts! The federal Government has usurped the legislatures' retained authority over districting since 1862, see page 2. [Court case linked solely for the facts given; the Majority's "legal" analysis is a flight of fantasy.]

2. statist/collectivist: Tyrants' political philosophy to fool and enslave the citizenry; imposed as democracy, progressivism, socialism, fascism, marxism, communism, etc, in order to effect a controlled populace, subject to oligarchic tyranny (Rule by a Few). The means by which the elites work to form their ideal "collective hive" is implemented in three-stages of "Instruction:" 1. Deconstruction: Tear-down the rational thought, morals and identity using fear and pain to heighten the emotions, 2. Indoctrination: Instill propaganda to ensure dependence, confusion and chaotic thinking, 3. Reconstruct: Rebuild the psyche and identity to the common core of lowered capabilities, while molding everyone with the same basic propaganda, emotional confusion and fear. The goal is to cripple the mind, and destroy the individual, making All incapable of independent thought or action. The result is intended to be an artificial human approximation of a collective hive! See below: #13. Philosopher-Kings!!!

2.A. Progressivism: political philosophy based in the concept that society is evolving toward a Man-created "heaven on earth." The political and societal system with which proponents are attempting to manifest this philosophy is rooted in evil tyranny. Proponents actively believe that the U.S. Constitution is flawed, is a "living document" "they" alone can interpret and perfect, and they must cause Man's evolution beyond its flaws to perfection on Earth, in a Plato's Republic-type tyrannical system run by elites.

3. sovereign: Free from outside control; autonomous; applied to the States of the U.S.A: independent & separate sovereigns that have delegated to a federal government certain enumerated powers as duties to be performed in the interest of the several States, as of duties delegated to an employee in the service of an employer. Powers not so-delegated, are retained by the States.

Further, Citizens of these United States are sovereign in our individual capacity, because we are Free to exercise self-governance in Our Liberty under God, in Whom the Organic Law of our States and Nation are properly founded. Obviously, our Individual sovereignty and our States' sovereignty have been usurped by Evil Tyrants feeding on our Body Politic!

"The Constitution does not protect the sovereignty of States for the benefit of the States or state governments as abstract political entities, or even for the benefit of the public officials governing the States. To the contrary, the Constitution divides authority between federal and state governments for the protection of individuals. State sovereignty is not just an end in itself: 'Rather, federalism secures to citizens the liberties that derive from the diffusion of sovereign power.' New York v. United States, Select "Case," go to p.181 (1992)

4. republic: ". . . a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people."

5. suffrage: The right or privilege of voting; franchise [franchise: A privilege or right granted by law; particularly the right to vote in a public election.]

6. "So there is no 'right to vote' set forth in the US Constitution. To the contrary, voting is a privilege granted or denied on the basis of whether applicants meet the qualifications for voting set forth within their State Constitution." Publius Huldah, at Voting Rights Act.

This is NOT a democracy, in which every citizen votes on every issue, and the majority rules! which is known as "mob rule," and is a Logical Fallacy called "Appeal to the People!" [Also, "Argumentum ad Populum."]

7. political question: If a court action involves a political question, it is "nonjusticiable," meaning the courts are prohibited from "hearing" it, as outside the federal Judiciary's Art.III.Sec.2 jurisdiction. The action must be dismissed.

Only the Legislative Entities have the power to determine political matters; specifically in vote-related questions: the State Legislatures, with the exception that, to ensure the States elect members to Congress, the Art.I.Sec.4.Cl.1, Elections Clause, delegates power to Congress to override solely in questions of Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections; NOT in matters of suffrage, nor the distribution, or apportionment, of the Electorate in voting units. See Art.I.Sec.2.Cl.1 & Sec.4.Cl.1 & Voting Rights Act.

See the Minority Dissents: Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission [the Majority ruled for the Commission] in which Justice Scalia, beginning at pdf page 72, and Justice Thomas, beginning at pdf page 78, discuss that the action was nonjusticiable, because it was a political matter between political bodies.

In this crucial Arizona action, Chief Justice Roberts' Minority Dissent, beginning at pdf page 40, missed the nonjusticiable status of the question, and missed the Legislature's retained power to designate representation apportionment, separate from the specifics of the Elections Clause, Art.I.Sec.4.Cl.1.

For masterful exposition of the Elections Clause and other crucial aspects of redistricting, see Justice Thomas, concurring, in Holder v. Hall/Thomas Concurrence, and related Analysis by Judge Edith Jones.

8. SCOTUS: Supreme Court Of The United States

9. plenary power: "In United States constitutional law, plenary power is a power that has been granted to a body in absolute terms, with no review of, or limitations upon, the exercise of the power." The Judiciary has assumed plenary power over the States and the Citizens, by its unchallenged usurpation of jurisdiction over all things voting-related; via their perversion of Art.III.Sec.2, and the 14th & 15th Amendments, as addressed by Professor Raoul Berger in "Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the 14th Amendment", and, by Joanna Martin, J.D., as Publius Huldah.

But, . . . The States are sovereign! We need to ACT like it!

The States and the Citizens have plenary power separate from the powers they delegate to the federal Government, pursuant to Art.IV.Sec.4; 9th & 10th Amendments.

See this crucial excerpt from a 1915 SCOTUS ruling:

Beyond doubt, the [Fifteenth] Amendment does not take away from the state governments in a general sense the power over suffrage which has belonged to those governments from the beginning and without the possession of which power the whole fabric upon which the division of state and national authority under the Constitution and the organization of both governments rest would be without support and both the authority of the nation and the State would fall to the ground. In fact, the very command of the Amendment recognizes the possession of the general power by the State, since the Amendment seeks to regulate its exercise as to the particular subject with which it deals." Guinn v. United States, select "Case," go to p.362+.

10. Organic Law: “The fundamental law, or constitution, of a state or nation, written or unwritten; that law or system of laws or principles which defines and establishes the organization of its government.” The Organic Law is a skeletal-like structure that originates the Rule of Law, but, it does not clothe itself, and it is NOT Self-Implementing! It is implemented by statutory and common laws that comply with its principles; effecting the Rule of Law upon the State and/or Nation. In our case, the Organic Law has been sucked-out of the Body of the Nation by the Rule of Evil Men. But, . . . The States are sovereign! We must ACT like it!

11. unalienable rights: Rights that cannot be aliened: not sold nor transferred. "'Unalienable Rights' are the rights that are rightfully, permanently and non-negotiably handed down to us by the One God of our Creation referred to in the [B]ible."

12. volitional consciousness: "To think is an act of choice. . . . man is a being of volitional consciousness. Reason does not work automatically; thinking is not a mechanical process; the connections of logic are not made by instinct. . . . But you are not free to escape from your nature, from the fact that reason is your means of survival—so that for you, who are a human being, the question “to be or not to be” is the question “to think or not to think.”" [--Ayn Rand, from Galt's Speech, "Atlas Shrugged,' excerpt published in, "For the New Intellectual," p.20]

13. Philosopher-Kings are crucial to understanding Where We Are, and How We Got Here!

Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, wrote his "Republic," as an instruction manual for building his concept of the perfect political system of governing a Greek city-state, or "polis:"

"To deal with the problem of justice, Plato considers the ideal polis, a collective unit of self-government, and the relationship between the structure of the Republic and the attainment of justice. Plato argues that philosopher kings should be the rulers, as all philosophers aim to discover the ideal polis." Giulia Matassa, "Plato's Argument for Rule by Philosopher Kings," 2013.

His Republic is a blueprint for tyrants to manipulate and control the citizenry in a small, tight-knit "collective" community. It includes mind-control tactics, as illustrated in his description of the Cave, which represents the "community" of the people.

There are at least three levels of elites: Founders, Philosophers and Philosopher-Kings (or, rulers) [I have not yet read the entire work, so, I don't know if Plato gets-into describing other levels and their responsibilities]. The two categories of Philosophers begin life in the Cave. They are selected by the Founders to receive knowledge not given to the "common people." By some means I have not yet read, the Philosophers spontaneously leave the Cave, and are not obligated to return; as are the Philosopher-Kings, who are trained [NOT "taught!"] to move beyond the Cave to live in contemplation [NOT "learning!"] of the "Forms," which are philosophical concepts beyond the normal perceptual experiences of the commoners. Their training includes the necessity of returning to the Cave, when commanded by the Founders. So, at some point, each Philosopher-King is commanded to return to the Cave and serve the people as their "just" rulers.

Although, I had realized in 2016, that the Progressive creators of the State Boards of Education had designed these boards as modern-day Philosopher-Kings, and in writing this work, I realized the term applied to our Judiciary, I have only just learned that Plato's Republic is the allegory that forms the philosophical basis of the political system we have been living in: See "Probably Alexandra," especially "An Inconvenient Reality", and, her, "The Root of All Evil" Blog & Video.

The SCOTUS Judicial Tyrants are among the real manifestations of Plato's ideal Philosopher-Kings, under the direction of the "Founders" who control the rest of the Dark Cabal that has been running the world and our Nation. It is the source of the concepts used to program and manipulate the people into forming the closest Man can come to a "collective-hive" civilization, as foreseen by Plato in his Republic. So, regarding his Philosopher-Kings:

". . . They have been contemplating Forms and acquired a deep understanding of matters such as justice. Moreover, their earlier training assures that their non-rational soul parts are consistently under the control of reason, . . . Now the moment comes, so to speak, where they have to descend. Socrates tells them: “You we have engendered for yourselves and the rest of the city to be, as it were, king-bees and leaders of the hive. You have received a better and more complete education than the others and you are more capable of sharing both ways of life. Down you must go then, each in his turn...” (520BC). Having explained this, Socrates turns to Glaucon and asks: “Will our alumni then disobey us when we tell them this, and will they refuse to share the labors of state each in his turn while permitted to dwell the most of the time with one another in that purer world?” Answer: “Impossible, he said, for we shall be imposing just commands on men who are just. Yet they will assuredly approach office as an unavoidable necessity” (520DE). (Emphases added) Presented in, Damian Caluori, "Reason and Necessity: the Descent of the Philosopher-Kings," 2011, p.15-16.

14. government: From Ancient Latin; guvenare meaning "to control," and mens or mentis, "mind." So: To control the mind!

. . .

LIBERTY is a State of Being!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



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