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The 2018 Election Results have been reported!

With the 2018 Election behind us, and its consequences before us, many Americans of other States watching our U.S. Senate Vote Count join Arizonans with many questions as to why Arizona Voters chose to boot the Republican Party out of offices widely considered Republican strongholds; including:

1. Were the vote count results themselves legitimate;

2. How did Maricopa County Recorder Fontes get away with defying the county board of supervisors by setting-up Emergency Vote Centers in Democrat strongholds; informing "voters" they could vote without ID;

3. How did Kyrsten Sinema's campaign coordinate specially printed door hangers in the same areas to coincide with the unlawful Emergency Centers;

4. Where did those 475,000 "early ballots" said to be dropped into precinct polling place boxes on Election Day, actually come from; and,

5. Were ballots cast by illegal alien, or otherwise fraudulent, "voters?"

ALL questions that cry-out for legal action, along with a number of other unlawful elections practices!

I can personally testify that a write-in vote I cast for an "Official Write-In Candidate" in the General Election WAS NOT COUNTED!

. . . I have a few more questions:

Will the Republican Party actually do something meaningful to challenge the questionable Maricopa County procedures and results?

Will the Republican Secretary of State actually do her job in the last weeks of her "service" to We, the People of this Great State of Arizona, to exercise the authority of the office as the highest election officer in the State responsible for all election procedures and activity conducted in Arizona?

Will the Republican Attorney General actually do his job for once, beyond acknowledging illegalities committed by the secretary of state without taking legal action?

Will the AG finally take legal action against the statutory violations promulgated by the secretary of state, and those appearing to have been committed by the Maricopa County Recorder or his employees, by actually using the authority of the office of the attorney general to hold those accountable for any malfeasance or other illegality?

Itasca Small

Without Our LIBERTY under GOD, Freedom cannot exist!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!