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Secretary of State Issues - Issue Two

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The AZ attorney general's response referenced below, will be uploaded as soon as we can successfully format and upload the three-page document. Itasca

400,000 Election Publicity Pamphlets NOT Timely Mailed

The current secretary of state

Violated the LAW

by NOT mailing more than 400,000 Proposition 123 & 124 Publicity Pamphlets

BEFORE mailing early ballots, thus, leaving hundreds of thousands of voters ignorant of the facts when they cast their early ballots in a very close election; opening Arizona's state trust land to looting, allegedly to satisfy what was a blatantly BAD court ruling!

In an unfounded lawsuit, a court ruled that the state owed school districts billions of dollars solely because the court declared that in certain statutory language, "or" means "and!"

When our state government chose not to appeal to the highest court necessary to overrule this usurpation of legislative and executive power, the elected legislators and governor pushed Proposition 123, to strip our state's education land trust, in-place since the Enabling Act and Statehood, of its protection against unwise management compromising our children's public education.

In response to a complaint filed May 10, 2016 against the election on May 17, 2016, the AZ attorney general, on May 12, 2016, repeatedly acknowledged that the secretary of state violated the law by not mailing the subject publicity pamphlets in compliance with AZ Revised Statutes § 19-123(B).

However, in-spite-of his strongly-worded condemnations of the secretary of state's failure, the attorney general declined to take any action to remedy the circumstance of early voters not being educated in-compliance with the statute.

The election results were close-enough to justify claims that Proposition 123 could have been defeated if the 400,000 pamphlets had been mailed timely—

The same Secretary of State responsible for the statutory violation was subsequently responsible for certifying passage of Proposition 123—

For LIBERTY, in correct, efficient, impartial and uniform Elections:



Who has the Best Interests at heart of Individual Arizonans
and our inherent God-given Rights, including
—but, not limited to—
The Right to Life,
and the Pursuit of Happiness!*

(*To pursue earning and holding Property!)


Itasca Small!

Without Liberty, FREEDOM cannot exist!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!