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Home Created:25-Feb-2022

A Sentinel for LIBERTY!

In Our LIBERTY under God!

Proclaiming LIBERTY for All!!!


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Our REPUBLIC is Under Siege!

"All elections shall be free and equal, and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage." AZ State Constitution, Art.2.Sec.21

2022 Redistricting Chaos!

The federal Government has usurped powers retained by the States, in egregious interference, preventing "the free exercise of the right of suffrage!" Our entire voting system is disrupted in upheaval for two+ years, every ten years, with unconstitutional demands by the federal Judiciary to use Redistricting to apportion the Electorate by bogus methods. Our Constitutional, Representative, Republican Form of Government is besieged in a shell game disguised as Democratic Tyranny of the Majority. In Reality, the power of governance by fiat is in the hands of Oligarchic Tyrants.

And, What IS the Truth about federal mandates, such as, forced Redistricting, or "Obamacare?" If the States did not delegate the specific powers to the federal Government in the Constitution, mandates are NOT the Law! They "usurp" power!

For example, Chief Justice John Roberts got two seminal points right in the Obamacare Decision, before he threw-in-the-towel and betrayed All Americans; he was correct that the individual mandate was unconstitutional, and that:

"The States are sovereigns

Sometimes they have to act like it.”

. . .

Our Torchlight Tour Continues

As We Go Deeper

Into the Redistricting Matrix:

of Stolen Elective Representation,

in the Hijacking of these United States! [1]

"There shall be enacted registration and other laws to secure the purity of elections and guard against abuses of the elective franchise." AZ State Constitution, Art.7.Sec.12.

And, now, the entire elective franchise --even down to the party precinct committeeman-level!--suffers abuse by the Poisonous Fruit of Judicial Fiat & Legislative Usurpation! . . .

BUT, We the People have LAWS to protect our Rights!

Or, do we?

In 1961, I heard my 6th Grade Teacher, Mr. Seamster, discussing Softball with my mother, declare: "Rules are made to be broken!" My mother retorted, "No! Rules are made to be followed!" She proceeded to assure me that we had to follow the Rules of the Game! whether we liked them or not!

Because, the Truth is, there ARE Moral Absolutes [ WHO IS Obama Part 2 Foundation ] whether we acknowledge them, or not, and from these are derived just laws and the rules that flow from them.

My mother, Sylvia Courtney, widowed at 31, was a tireless activist in several arenas--including politics--her entire life. She helped to make Paradise Valley School District a better place for the Children, and, for All. By example, she taught many children and adults the meaning of living Our Liberty under God, and to ACT for Liberty, by the Rule of Law!

Mr. Seamster was one of my best teachers, but, he and his colleagues, College Graduates, One & All, taught their pupils--by deconstruction, mind-programming and indoctrination--to accept the Rule of Men! They were the 1950s & '60s' Vanguard of Progressive K-12 "Instructors," trained to deconstruct and mind-program America's Children: to fracture her vulnerable, moral and ethical, sons and daughters into rudderless, confused rebels.

We were molded and shaped with varied success, in the crucible that included the activist agenda of the Warren Court [SCOTUS]. In hindsight, it is clear: The stronger the Judeo-Christian, and Patriotic-American, Values of our Parents, the better we resisted the mind-programming and instruction supplanting True Education.

Warren and SCOTUS began the full-on assault on Our American Republic--using our elective franchise as their most destructive weapon--in 1962, with the infamous Baker v. Carr Decision. [Also, Baker v. Carr/Harlan Dissent.]

So, my Baby Boomer Generation was used to step-up the deliberate devolution of America! Not all of us succumbed! But, enough did to get the snowball rolling down the hill. And, now, the Tyrants are actively killing us off to eliminate "useless eaters!" While successive generations continue to devolve. Until, today, even the youngest Americans are being deconstructed, mind-programmed and indoctrinated into depravity and debauchery, by evil, immoral successors to Mr. Seamster and his colleagues, by the Rule of Men!

They have driven our once-strong, principled and brave, Nation to a state of fear and panic; with millions of Americans believing the lies of the Black Hats' New World Order and the White Hats' Alliance. Too many Americans cower behind face diapers and bioweapon frankenshots, while the most horrendously evil people are forcing these horrors on children--destroying their health--As they abort babies, demand infanticide, and--after getting them hooked-on artificial "milk"--withholding FOOD from OUR CHILDREN!!! Along with deconstructing and mind-programming 5-year-olds and older, to reject their own identity!

And, we are not stopping these horrors!!!"

Hindsight also clearly shows the dichotomy between Mr. Seamster's "Rules are made to be broken!" and Sylvia Courtney's fierce defense of the Rule of Law! The ascendancy of the Rule of Men is reflected in the destructive effects of the forced imposition of "democratic" principles on our schools, along with disrupting and controlling our elective franchise, via the Warren Court's Redistricting Mind-Game edicts!

Rise of the Non-Absolutes!

Too many of the people we elect to conduct our political business were taught that there ARE NO Moral Absolutes! [ WHO IS Obama Part 2 Foundation ] So, they make their own laws and rules based upon their desires, beliefs, and indoctrination/mind-programming: instituting the Rule of Men, as their Perception becomes their Reality! They justify anything with their mantra, "What's true for me is true, and what's true for you is true!"

They believe Truth is Relative to the Situation--Or, Truth is Situational Ethics--regardless whether their "truths" conflict with the Moral Absolutes reflected by the Organic Law of our Constitutions! [Ultimately, of The Holy Bible.]

Let's call them "Non-Absolutes." [--Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged"]

Non-Absolutes claim the U.S. Constitution is "a living document," created to adapt and change; like a living, breathing entity. So, they enact laws and rules, and issue edicts according to their immoral, unethical purposes.

They are wrong! Only Organic Law laid-out in a moral constitution is a solid foundation, upon which a People build a State for the purpose of securing the God-given Rights of the Individual, against the Tyranny of the Majority; or, Tyranny by any other name! [See the Biblical Foundation of Our Constitution.]

In actuality, when one draws the curtain exposing the "Wizards of Oz," the real Tyrants are the Oligarchs who, in-turn, are pulling the strings of the Puppet Handlers who only appear-to-control the Non-Absolutes. They are all just minions of higher-tier Tyrants, who lead the Activist Judiciary employing destructive agendas, like the Redistricting Mind-Game edicts and other mandates woven from their whole cloth, false interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment, and other clauses of the U.S. Constitution.

[The Judicial Tyrants are Plato's Philosopher-Kings, manipulating us into playing the Redistricting Mind-Game. [See also: Philosopher-Kings/Reynolds v. Sims]]

I write these words as two school shootings have occurred this week in America. We can be certain that these terrible shootings, along with the hundreds more that occur every weekend in certain American cities, are triggered from the minds of children who have been deconstructed and mind-programmed into fractured, confused, evil, Non-Absolutes. I am NOT saying that all Non-Absolutes are shooters, nor that they are all inherently evil! Because many of them are victims of deconstruction/indoctrination/mind-programming, that does NOT make them all murderers!

But, Non-Absolutes ARE formed in the lawless, moral-vacuum of the public instruction system!

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” --John Adams

Organic Law

Organic Law is a structure that changes only if "absolutely" necessary to correct errors [because such necessity indicates a Moral Absolute is being violated by the Letter of the Law]. It does not shift and flow with the whims of immoral, disruptive individuals in Evil Tides of pernicious corruption! So-called "Amendments" tacked-on like Frankenstein's electrode terminals through the perversion of indoctrination/mind-programming, are no more a true part of our Constitutions than the Monster was a Child of God's creation!


Evil Mantle woven from whole cloth;

Flung over our Nation's Character

By rudderless, rebellious Non-Absolutes.

Flimsy . . . defective;

It frays . . . falls apart


Until, their societal structure collapses!

Witness: The approaching

Fall of the Black Hats' New World Order! . . .

But . . .

Beware the "White Hat Alliance!"

Promising "The Light!"

Positioning for the baton . . .

To Run the Race for Our Destruction

A little longer!

It is crucial to understand:

Collapse of the New World Order is not "failure!"

Its goal is Destruction!

Followed by Enslavement;

The prince of this world orchestrating;

Playing a perverted symphony,

With "Darkness" & "Created Light:" *

Two Forks of the Broad Road leading to Destruction . . .

The Redistricting Mind-Game paves that "Democratic" Road,

From Liberty to Oligarchic Tyranny!

[*YHWH/God is NOT created light! He IS Light, in Whom there is NO Darkness, at all! And, ". . . strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Matthew 7:14]

This is the difference between the Rule of Law and the Rule of Men. . . . [2]

So, No! We don't have laws that protect our Rights! Even Just Laws are impotent without a Moral People to enact, respect and enforce them. Laws have NOT secured the purity of our elections, nor have they guarded against abuses of the elective franchise!

In 2022, our elections are still polluted!

Abuses of the elective franchise abound in the effects of the Redistricting Mind-Game; manifesting from the unconstitutional social engineering ordered according to the Rule of Men; decreed by corrupt activist judges and lawmakers! Just like the usurpations that birthed Obamacare:

Who are "We the People," and what is Our status as the Electorate, in this Union of States?

Ultimately, We the People are sovereigns in Self-Governance!!!

The States are our instruments for exercising and protecting our sovereignty! As such, as projections of Our Liberty under God, the States are sovereigns! So:

Chief Justice Roberts' Sovereignty Declaration in the Obamacare Decision, is True [Partially quoted, and linked, above]: The States are sovereigns, sometimes they have to act like it! [From the otherwise unconstitutional, SCOTUS Majority Opinion [Part IV.A.Par.10], in NFIB v. Sebelius [Obamacare], written by John "The Arrogant" Roberts, as he betrayed America!]

He dissected the Individual Mandate to show it was unconstitutional! But, then--twisting the language until it screamed--he "justified" upholding Obamacare by calling the penalty for not participating in the Mandate, a TAX!

Further, he wrote that many States would choose the "Carrot" [Obamacare] to avoid the "Stick" [A complete loss of Medicaid federal funding! . . . ]. While he also showed that States could, "Just say, NO!" [In Arizona, this is another instance of so-called "Republicans," led and goaded by then-Governor Jan Brewer, colluding with Democrats in the state legislature to impose Obamacare upon We the People of Arizona, in the Dark of Night!]

And, he had the audacity to throw in our faces the fact that our States are "separate and independent sovereigns!" while he decreed our enslavement to government through a Mandated "Tax!"

BUT, I must acknowledge--whether Obamacare or the Redistricting Mind-Game--

Our "elected representatives"

Choose to Say, "YES!!!"

Whether it's "Health Care," Elective Franchise, or other usurpation,

We the People are UNDER SIEGE!

BUT, the federal Government is NOT our Master!

It is TIME to 'Just say "NO!'" to ALL government usurpation!

The States are SOVEREIGNS!

It is TIME to ACT like it!

. . .

[DISCLAIMER: My recommendations for the links to other Web-sites are not necessarily endorsements of all information found. Please, always read with the desire for Wisdom to discern good and evil, in all details, including my own perspectives! Itasca]


[1] For deeper historical study of how the Courts led the charge to pervert the Civil War Amendments, and bring us to the Brink of the Abyss Overlooking Complete Tyranny, follow the links throughout this Torchlight Tour of Judicial & Congressional Tyranny, to referenced cases, articles, constitutions, legislation, and, especially, the masterful Dissenting Opinions of Justice Harlan II, Justice Thomas' Holder v. Hall/Thomas Concurrence (1994) & related Analysis, and other SCOTUS Opinions.

[2] Law comes from a higher source than the civil authorities. The “Rule of Law” prevails when the civil authorities obey that higher Law – be it God’s Law or our Constitution. The Bible shows that Kings governed justly only when they governed in accordance with the Law of God. In our Country, the civil authorities govern justly only when they obey our Constitution. See: Lex, Rex, by Rev. Samuel Rutherford (1644) and here under the subheading, “1. The Civil Authorities are under the Law.” And, Publius Huldah, Point 7.


3. Professor Raoul Berger's masterpiece: "Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the 14th Amendment," is an in-depth analysis of the historic and contemporary record; this work is well-worth the reading time!

4. And, please, search Publius Huldah's prolific, Gold Mine of a Web-site! Some of her blog pages extend well-below the main entry to additional entries on many important topics!

. . .


~ ~ ~

LIBERTY is a State of Being!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Itasca Small for Liberty!