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Secretary of State Issues - Issue One      

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Secretary of State Michele Reagan DID cause a revised Election Procedures Manual to be created for the current election cycle. Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Governor Doug Ducey signed-off on the new manual. This 2018 version of the manual still violates the intent of certain statutes, and/or adds context not present in the statutes. Secretary Reagan has yet to receive any consequences of her failures to perform the faithfully execute the duties of the office. Nor have the attorney general and the governor received any consequences of their failure to execute their duties. . . . Itasca Small

Content will be added here to support the claims presented. Itasca

Election Procedures Manual

The current secretary of state HAS REFUSED to prepare the Election Procedures Manual as REQUIRED by statute (Title 16-452), and the 2014 manual in-use contains blatant statutory violations.



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