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Itasca Small


Government's PURPOSE is to PROTECT RIGHTS!

It's about the Unborn Children and their unalienable God-given Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!

The East Valley Action Alliance, (EVAA) whose motto is: "Preserving Life and Liberty," distributes a "comprehensive Pro-life Candidates' Questionnaire addressing the many facets of the LIFE issues from conception to natural death."

The 2016 Special Election Pro-Life Voter's Edition featuring 2016 Candidates' responses to the Questionnaire is published online as a PDF, here.

The Questions are published on Page 2, of the referenced PDF; my Answers appear on Page 10, and I have pasted them here:

Candidate: Itasca Small ~ Office: AZ State Senate LD 25

1. I have a moral obligation to protect the sanctity of Life; from Conception to Natural Death. A nation that murders its own children is morally bankrupt, and no better than the ancient peoples who sacrificed their children in the fiery furnaces dedicated to the false god, Molech. I know that the reality of knowing an unborn child is a precious individual human life and a blessing created by God, haunts many mothers and fathers who chose to kill their children in the womb. I witnessed my dying 56-year-old husband’s tearful lamentations as he shared the anguish he felt over his part years before, in the abortion of one of his children with his first wife. These children are truly at their mothers’ mercy. I will defend the defenseless in any way I can!

2. I believe my focus on eradicating the evil that is the Common Core Agenda is proof of my concern for all children regardless of whether they are still protected in their mother or have been born. I led successful efforts as a citizen lobbyist in rallying the people and stopping bills in the State Legislature that would have imposed what I termed "Stealth Common Core for 3&4-year-olds" and "Stealth Common Core for 3-to-5-year-olds," in 2015 & 2016. I value and defend our innocent children. I will fight just as hard to protect them from Conception onward, as the targets of the agenda for extending Common Core by "Early Childhood Education," to "Infants & Toddlers"—from Birth to Kindergarten. To be joined in the next phase from Conception to Birth; with government workers being prepared to make regular home visits to women during pregnancy, and hospital visits at Birth, followed by regular home visits as the children grow and are channeled into Pre-school at 3-years-old to begin group-based formal brainwashing and indoctrination with Common Core pedagogy. I heard the plan described with enthusiasm at the December 8, 2014, AZ State Board of Education Meeting, and found further information on the Internet. My dedication to eradicating this evil should ensure voters that I am unequivocally pro-life at all stages of their children’s lives.

3. Yes. Because it's not about me! It's about the Unborn Children and their unalienable God-given Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!

4. Yes. I will do whatever the Lord empowers me to do. If that includes direct involvement in driving a stake into the evil of chosen abortion, I will trust in the Lord to empower me to do all that I can to help throw-out Roe v. Wade!

5. Yes. Government has no authority—moral or political—to take the substance of those who earn it and use it to facilitate and fund government-sponsored infanticide!

6. No.

7. Yes. The people behind it have a deliberate agenda intended to de-industrialize the most prosperous nations and reduce the world's population in order to make it easier for power-mongers to control the people of the world.

8. No. The deliberate murder of unborn children is used for population control, convenience and eugenics, and is not healthcare.

9. Sadly, it is a "convenient, inexpensive and effective way for our teens to terminate an unwanted pregnancy!" The question should be, Is it morally right for our teens to be able to purchase RU-486 over-the-counter for the sole purpose of murdering their unborn babies? My answer would then be, "NO!" There are Moral Absolutes! And, the moral obligation to protect the life of one's own child wherever he resides is a Moral Absolute!

10A. Study the state constitution and the statutes to determine if any action can be taken as they stand, or if not, if there are amendments that should be proposed to end judicial activism. Also, study to see what could be done under the 9th & 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution on the state-level. Act upon what I find to remove the usurped power that allows judicial activism in our state and local courts. Call for our Congressional Delegation to act to rein-in the federal judiciary pursuant to Article III of the U.S. Constitution.

10B. Yes. Because they have promoted, aided & abetted government-sanctioned infanticide.

11. No. LIfe is God's to give or take-away. A physician has a moral obligation to protect Life, from Conception to Natural Death.




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