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Itasca Small


September 1, 2016

Thank you for voting for

Itasca Small


"SMALL Government!"

Results of the LD25 State Senate Race are not yet known, because our Write-In votes will be hand-counted beginning Friday, 9/2.

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Itasca Small is one of several education activists who posted comments to the following important news story published online by ArizonaDailyIndependent.com :

August 17, 2016 - Miller Resigns From SBE, Blames Douglas

After Governor Doug Ducey asked Miller to step aside, Miller delivered his resignation effective immediately rather than allow for an orderly transition. The always angry Miller issued a very angry statement with the announcement that he was leaving.

Paranoia is the hallmark characteristic of both Miller and Douglas, and his announcement reflected it when he used Douglas' term "Shadow Faction" when referring to himself and Vice-Chair Reginald Ballantine and insisted that Douglas' questioning of Board actions were aimed at him personally. The announcement reads:

August 10, 2016

Itasca Small at East Valley TEA Party.

"Thanks, Dan Grimm, for volunteering as my signpost!"

July 13, 2016

Itasca Small's pitch for AZ Senate LD 25

AZ State Senate LD25
Candidate Itasca Small Interviewed by Steve Kates

Full Interview

Just the Common Core Portion

At the Blewster's Open House on June 29th:

Itasca delivered extended remarks amidst thoughtful questions and discussion at Barbara and Bill Blewster's Open House on 6/29.

  • NOTE: In my statements regarding the authority of Arizona's Governor and education, I erred by forgetting to acknowledge that Arizona's Governor does have certain executive authority relative to public education inherent in the power to sign or veto legislative enactments. However, this power is NOT the executive overreach the current governor exerts in usurping the State Superintendent's inherent authority under Articles V & XI, and the Legislature's inherent authority under Articles IV & XI of our State Constitution. Itasca

Itasca Small - Republican

Official Write-In Candidate

Itasca spoke at the East Valley TEA Party on May 25. A lively discussion followed her opening remarks!

Itasca appeared at the LD25 District Meeting on June 16th:

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Introducing our Campaign Flyer/Write-In Instruction Card

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Welcoming PCs & Visitors to our Campaign Table

Itasca spoke at the Leisure World Republican Club Meeting on June 20th.

LIBERTY DOES begin in our own BACKYARD!



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