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Itasca Small - Republican

Official Write-In Candidate
Arizona State Senate


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Itasca Small


Proud Member of the Unconquered & Unconquerable Chickasaw Nation

In the 2000s, my varied activities in county and state issues included voluntary participation in the development of the Navajo County Comprehensive Plan, the Arizona Department of Transportation “Building a Quality Arizona” plan, renewable energy land uses, and regional issues. In 2013/2014, I attended Common Core Forums, and the U.S. House of Representatives’ Field Hearing on the EPA, regarding the Navajo Generating Station, and IRS abuses. I frequently offer my suggestions and opinions to elected representatives and news publications, and am active in citizen groups.

Although I have focused upon education issues since the 2015 Regular Legislative Session, my interest and passion for defending our foundational principles of limited government and the proper role thereof are broad and varied. I readily engage in other issues that I believe threaten our God-given Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness [Property]. My focus on education are spurred by the realization that all of our other issues spring from the alarming state of education after more than a century of the progressive and technocratic influences in our public schools!

  • Advanced in manufacturing from Assembler to Consulting Quality and Manufacturing Engineer in the Aerospace Industry.

Seventeen years in aerospace, military, medical and commercial industries in four states

Assembler, Trainer, Lead, Supervisor, and Technician, and: Industrial, Process, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineer

Manufacturing and Quality Engineering Consultant in Aerospace, Military and Commercial Standards-compliance

Wrote technical publications; taught various training courses in related fields

Trainer, production to high-level management within the industry

  • Substitute Teacher and School Bus Matron
  • Auto Body Shop Office Manager/Paint Matcher/Retail Sales/Customer Satisfaction
  • Legal research, writing and casework
  • Political activism, citizen lobbyist at the legislature, focusing on education issues and legislation
  • Engaged in purchasing and acquiring government property tax liens
  • Published FREE AMERICA!!! A Sentinel for Liberty; a political philosophy-based newsletter that circulated across the United States, and reached the United Kingdom


  • Paradise Valley High School: Graduate
  • • El Camino Community College: A.A. in Philosophy, with Honors


  • Past Member: International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics, American Dairy Goat Association, American Legion Auxiliary, VFW Auxiliary, Lion's Club International, Women of the Moose
  • Past Member/Co-Founder: Copper State Nubian Club

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



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