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LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!

Itasca Small - Republican

Official Write-In Candidate
State Senate


Please go to the Home Page to read my post.

And, Thank You for your vote, and/or support!


Itasca Small



Thank you for your vote!

Our LD25 State Senate Race results are not in yet, because our Write-In votes will be hand-counted beginning Friday, 9/2.

Thank you All for your support!



Itasca wrote a comment on ArizonaDailyIndependent.com on August 17th. You will find a link on the News Page.

Video of Itasca speaking at Freedom Fires Live/East Valley TEA Party on July 13th, is posted on the News Page.

For the audio, and a slide show to the audio specific to the Common Core Agenda, from Itasca's radio interview with Steve Kates, "A Call To Rights," on July 2nd, see the News Page.

For a video from the Blewster's Open House on June 29th, visit the News Page.


I have no appearances scheduled as we close-in-on the Primary Election at the polls from 6:00AM - 7:00PM, on August 30th!


UPDATE - 8/25/16

LIBERTY begins—and is preserved—in our OWN BACKYARD!

To My Valued Supporters,

We're in the Home-Stretch of our Write-In Campaign, and we thank everyone for your help and support!

There are still many voters to reach between now and the polls closing at 7PM, on August 30th! When we reach them, the vast majority wants to choose "SMALL for small government," and to DEFEAT Bob Worsley!

So, WE CAN WIN by reaching Voters with their Constitutional Conservative Alternative:


We still have additional BIG and SMALL Street Signs to install! We could really use

some help with this important task. . . . And, if we knew our "Grassroots Army" could

install them in-time, we could still order more signs on Friday!

Many Thanks to all the Volunteers who are going door-to-door hanging flyers!

BUT, we still need help hanging flyers on doors of every home we can reach!

(Exceptions: We avoid any homes displaying "No Soliciting" or "No Trespassing" notices!)

• We can give you Precinct Maps to facilitate covering neighborhoods without overlap.

• Republican Voter Walking Lists are not needed! We're reaching-out to all who are

eligible voters—Republicans, Independents and Party Not Designated—by covering all

doors. I know it is easier for some volunteers to just go to Republicans, and we

thank them! But, it is much faster to go to all homes. And, many non-Republicans

also want to


Volunteers are also needed to hand-out flyers at the polls!

• There are 34 polling places in LD25—if we can cover all of them with volunteers

handing-out flyers, we can reach many voters before they mark their ballots!

• If you want to display a magnetic sign on your vehicle (including when it is parked

near the polling place!), please let us know ASAP!!! We have a few and will order

more if we know you want them!

If we order in-time Friday Afternoon, hopefully we’ll be able to get them by Monday


If you can do ANYTHING TO HELP, please call one of us ASAP, so we can organize logistics!

Thank you ALL for your very much-appreciated support! Including your prayers!


Itasca SMALL, for small government!

LIBERTY actually begins in our hearts & expands to our OWN BACKYARD!

Itasca: 928-434-1515

Merrianne: 480-225-0720

Gene: 480-835-9637

Join our Grassroots Campaign by displaying our new Yard Signs and sharing our Flyer/Card sets! See below and on other pages of this site for more information.

The new Write-In Campaign Handout integrated into pages of this site is part of our campaign outreach to LD25 Voters. We also have a new Door Flyer: A door hanger designed to be looped quickly over a door handle, and now being distributed in LD25; the goal is to distribute them to as many households as possible. These include a detachable Write-In Sample Card designed to give you a resource to keep my information and Write-In Instructions as close as your wallet, purse or pocket—handy for when you vote your Ballot: Early, or at the Polls!

CORRECTION:The Primary Ballot has a two-part arrow to complete rather than an oval bubble. Instead of a blank line as shown below, there is a rectangular box immediately following my opponent's name (Bob Worsley). To cast your vote for me, write my name, "Itasca Small," in the box and COMPLETE THE ARROW!

To arrange for yard signs and door flyers, please see the Contact Page.

We are seeking VOLUNTEERS to help prep and/or distribute the door flyers and yard signs!

Thank you!

Itasca Small

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!



Paid for by Committee to Elect Itasca Small!